The village of elves

Once upon a time, in Elves village, every morning the little elves went to the forest to look for fruits to have breakfast. But there were a very particular little house. There, three of the elves lived. The first was purple, he loved the little animals, the other was very small, and he used to collect things. The third one was fat, he used to eat all day, all night.
In a morning, the purple elf found a little bird that had a broken wing and he couldn’t fly. He decided to help the bird and he started to build a little nest in the ground to be sure that the bird could get healthy.
The purple told to the rest of the elves his plan, help the bird to fly again, but he needed the collaboration of his friends.
And this is the way they started a big campaign to make the bird fly. He needed to fly because he had lost his family, and he wanted to find them.
Every elf had a responsibility, and working as a team, they reached the goal. The bird was called Frank, and he was afraid of flying after the accident. But he beat all his fears and went to the air, finding his family after a couple months.
Every summer he visited the elves to give them gifts and to say thanks, because he was very happy for their actions.

A story about humans

A long time ago, there were a World without humans. A world where the forest, the nature, the oceans, and the mountains garnished the scene.
The trees, used to compete between them, to see who was bigger and healthier. It was a land full of life, where the Mother Nature hadn´t been damaged.
But the humans came to life, and with that, we made a lot of changes in our ecosystem. We started throwing trash in the fields, using trunks as weapons and killing between us.
And then we started with the Industries. We contaminated the air, every day with our factories and wars.
That was a mistake, we had the intelligence to design factories, that didn’t damaged air, but we never did that.
Because all our mistakes and careless attitude against Earth, we felt the consequences, when a huge rain felt over us, with toxics and horrible components that made us die, because it was impossible to breathe.

Sadly, the human being disappeared after 3 years of acid rain, but when God thought that humans were totally destroyed, a smart kid came out from a bunker and said that he was going to save the world.
That is the way how a little boy could get safe on the catastrophe and he became into the first human on the second era.
Years later, centuries later, there are more people like him, with an intelligent thought, making industries, but without killing trees and contaminating the air.

The story of Choco Pepper and his life

This story starts at a Candy Shop, where are several types of chocolates. The attendant of the place makes the best recipes in the city. Once, she thought that she could mix chocolate with milk sweet. In another occasion she mixed peppermint and sugar to make the most exciting center of a bonbon.
But some day in the morning, when she was working hard, she distracted thinking about thousands of different flavors she could create, and then, without realizing, she let some pepper felt into the chocolate mix. She continued shaking the mix, because the accident could not get repaired.

After finishing the mixture, she tasted the new flavor she realized that it was a really great kind of chocolate. It had a great taste, and she saved the new flavor in the factory near to the other chocolates.
What she didn’t know was that the chocolates came to life at nights.
The first nights, the rest of the chocolates used to bully “Choco-Pepper” because they thought he was never going to be sold.
It is very funny to see how they got surprised, because 7 days after the story started, a millionaire from a far country came to the chocolate factory, he tasted the choco-pepper recipe and he said “I love it, I want 100 orders of this!”
“Choco Pepper” was very happy and the others felt disappointed. It teach us that we have to give the people the value they have. Always you can visit and learn more about that.